Keeping our eyes open to the everyday magic

We have been renovating our house since November
or maybe October
(I don’t know, I’ve lost count?)
and it’s been a sobering process.

The discomfort of skeleton walls stripped down to the bones, brings about excitement of what’s to come… but, only if we let it.
If we don’t stay focused on the excitement, on the ‘what’s to come’, we get locked into only what our eyes can see at the moment.

But these are first world problems.
Chris and I backpacked around the world for 11 months. We can freaking handle the discomfort of our whole family eating meals in our master bedroom for a few weeks, right?!

Today though.

Today, Derek built us a platform to put our washer and dryer on in our laundry room. He built it, painted it, and today it is finished.

And in this day and age where successes are often still measured by followers,
and monetary gain,
I stand in my laundry room and celebrate the fact that my washer will be on the left
and my dryer on the right
where both doors open in a way that makes sense.

Small miracles that make the
world go round.

Our best friends in Spain have a sign in their home that reads,
“If you want to change the world,
go home and love your family.” -Mother Teresa

The biggest miracles are often the ones we perceive to be small:
that recovery program
that much-needed apology
that single choice to make oneself better.

It’s the small choices that make up the everyday magic

In the laundry room
or in the kitchen
or even on the bathroom floor.

It all counts, friends.

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