Cozy in Leavenworth

Deep within the Cascade Mountains, nestled amidst the dense deciduous forest, lies the quaint Bavarian village of Leavenworth. Attracting tourists year round, Leavenworth boasts of open air music festivals during the summer and Christmas themed shops and treats during Winter.
It had been years since I had last visited and my memory only served up images of rain soaked sidewalks and a subpar day with an ex boyfriend. I was ready to make some new memories with my family and our best friends visiting from Spain.

We rented a cabin off AirBnB on Lake Wenatchee. It ended up being the perfect location for our crew to retreat at and was still only a 20 minute drive to downtown Leavenworth.

Everyday, we experienced the magic of the Pacific Northwest: Low wispy clouds clinging onto tall Firs, the cold enveloping wetness, the too short days. Although I grew up in the PNW, I didn’t develop a proper appreciation for it until years after I left. When you grow up under a dark canopy of gray, it’s easy to grow wistful for sunny days. But now that I live in sunny San Diego, I wax nostalgic every time it rains.

Regardless of the weather, there wasn’t a day we didn’t get outside and explore. The kids were taken with the fires Sean built in the fire pit each day and promptly took over all fire stoking responsibilities. The twins, just shy of their 2nd birthday, charged right into the lake with shoes on and all. The wonder at the near-freezing lake water gleamed in their eyes.

On the days we ventured into town, we made all the important stops: brats and beers at München Haus, lattes from J5 Coffee, specialty treats from The Gingerbread Factory, and freshly baked loaves of Sourdough from Tumwater Bakery.

Of course, when we weren’t eating our way through town, we poked in and out of cute shops boasting of unique gifts. We came home with a handmade ornament from Kris Kringl; a sweet memory of our time spent here.

Each night, we retired happily next to a roaring fire in the wood burning stove. Warmed by the company and wine as well, we settled into a rhythm of rest- the kind you can only experience when with your people.

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