a life intentional

It constantly weighs on me, this tug of war between a private and public life. Social Media makes it all public, but doesn’t have to I suppose. I could easily keep posting, while keeping the most precious parts of my life all to myself.

I’ve given up social media for stints before; A week here, a month there. It is easy after a few days in and by the end, I don’t want to go back.

But I do.

And yet always wonder why?

I’m not trying to demonize social media by any means. But rather sort out the things that steal away from me living a full, meaningful, and present life. Quick approval and likes aren’t the path. What I want is the wine of life: living in the moment, being fully present with my family, dinners with friends, and recognizing the sweetness of life at every turn.

These thoughts are more than just thoughts,
They are longings.
Longings to not squander away the brief time I’ve been given on this earth and instead embrace what I already have.

To live this way,
to turn from the current path and forge a new one,
in my neural-pathways and in my habits,
I must make some choices.

In this game, it’s either this or that
not both, and.

This self-reflection is a consistent friend to me. She visits at the very least bi-yearly, and most often, monthly. She forms herself as a question in the back of my throat when I have a few minutes of silence.
How do I improve?
How do I expand?
Stretch? Grow?

For now, dear reader, it boils down to 2 small starter steps:
-A week-long social media fast (to get my bearings)
-A material purge (clothing, books, household items)

We all have to start over somewhere.
This all begins tomorrow.

✨ Follow along as I update my progress. I promise to be honest. ✨


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