Allow me to introduce myself!

☀️ My name is Jenny and I live in SoCal with my handsome guy Chris and 3 wild kids ages 8, 6 & 4. We moved here from Colorado about 5 years ago in search of adventure and endless summers at the beach and we found home 🏡 .

🚐 A couple years ago we bought Big Blu, a 2012 Sprinter van, and built it into our family adventure vehicle. So far we’ve taken him to Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Utah and still have so many places to go! Our goal is to take as many adventures as we can with our kids while will still have them at home.

🌱 We are a plant based family, meaning we eat plant-based foods as much as we can. Our journey started when our 6 year old presented with an egg and dairy allergy at 11 months old and ended up in the ER. From there we began our journey of learning about the health benefits of giving up animal products and how to cook (and live) in a whole new way!

📸 I am a freelance photographer and writer. I have written articles for Nations Media and a personal project: Into the People. I also read voraciously and will no doubt share my favorite books with you on here (please share yours with me too!).

✈️ I love to travel. LOVE. Chris and I met on The World Race where we backpacked to 15+ countries in 11 months. After we got married, we moved to and lived in Spain for 6 months. Two years ago, we took our kids to Spain on their first trip overseas to visit our best friends (familia, really). Once there we all rented a cute Eurovan and road-tripped to Portugal where we spent the days surfing and the nights making family dinners.

🍷 I am a huge advocate of mental health! Life is beautiful and hard. I’ve ridden the waves of loss and have also stood on mountain tops. I’ve struggled through depression and anxiety and found life on the other side. My story is not unique in this sense; it is the story of all of us. What I hope most of all, is that you find beauty here. That you find a voice, a story, and a hope, among these words.

Welcome, friend.


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